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Repertoire Coaching

Helping You Feel Confident In Your Repertoire!

It is true what they say, practice makes perfect.

If you have an upcoming audition or performance, let us help you prepare! We can offer a simple practice session or full coaching for that piece you have to learn FAST! Let Stacy know exactly what you need to feel completely comfortable with your music and she will tailor the session's length and focus to get you there.

Check out our Digital Accompaniment page as well for custom practice or accompaniment tracks to use in your practice at home or for an upcoming performance.

Prepare Yourself!

Individual coaching sessions to work on specific material for upcoming auditions or performances. Your session can be spent working in many ways, whether you...

  • Need to learn new music quickly

  • Want to practice your go-to audition pieces with live piano accompaniment and a trained ear to lend advice

  • Have to master difficult harmonies

  • Want to get comfortable singing in front of other people

Coaching Session Plans

30 Minute

One 30 minute

coaching session


45 Minute

One 45 minute

coaching session


60 Minute

One 60 minute

coaching session


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