Private Lessons


Music Education Tailored to You!

At Stacy Jolena Studio we take a collaborative approach to music lessons. Your needs are prioritized and taken into account at every step of the learning process.


Lessons are structured based on what you want to learn, how you learn best, and your personal musical goals.


No two people are alike, so their path to musical success shouldn’t be either!


Whether you want to get your RCM certification, participate in festivals and masterclasses, serenade your loved ones, or just get out of the house and learn something new, Stacy Jolena Studio is here for you!

Piano and Voice Lessons

​All ages and skill levels welcome.

Students are required to register for a minimum of one session (8 lessons). Payment is to be made for the full session upon registration. Upon registration you will choose a weekly time slot; this slot is reserved for you during your session and you receive priority for that same time slot when booking subsequent sessions.

Lesson Plans - Piano or Voice (Single Discipline)

30 Minute

8 lessons - voice or piano

One 30 minute lesson per week


45 Minute

8 lessons - voice or piano

One 45 minute lesson per week


60 Minute

8 lessons - voice or piano

One 60 minute lesson per week


Lesson Plans - Piano and Voice (Multi-Discipline)

Students who register for both piano and voice lessons will receive our Multi-Discipline Discount! Students can choose to either divide their lesson time between both disciplines or alternate one discipline per week. We will always strive to balance the time properly between each discipline to suit each student's needs, regardless of which arrangement is chosen. This discount also applies for families who register multiple children for lessons!

45 minute

8 lessons - voice and piano

One 45 minute lesson per week

 $420 $360

60 Minute

8 lessons - voice and piano

One 60 minute lesson per week

 $560 $480

90 Minute

8 lessons - voice and piano

One 90 minute lesson per week

 $840 $720







How Do I Know What's Right For Me?

If you are unsure of which lesson plan will work best for you or would like a chance to experience a lesson before committing to a full session, you can book a FREE Introductory Lesson with Stacy.

Introductory Lessons include a short exploration of voice or piano (or both, if you're interested in our Multi-Discipline Discount) and a meeting where you can ask all your questions and go over all the details for registration!

Further Information

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. You can find a sample of our standard contract below.