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About Stacy Jolena Studio

We are committed to supporting each of our students' unique journey in the world of music education. 

With tailored instruction and a curated curriculum, our aim is to equip our students with the necessary tools for them to reach their individual goals and build upon skills learned both within and without the studio environment. 

We believe music is a great tool for self-discovery and exploration, which is why we strive to create a safe and fully supportive environment that fosters personal growth and expression. Our studio is a sanctuary of creativity and inclusivity, warmly welcoming all individuals, regardless of age, skill, gender, orientation, ethnicity or background, to express themselves freely through the universal language of music and contribute to the harmonious melody of our diverse community.

Stacy Jolena Studio is an all ages music studio based in Scarborough, Ontario. It is owned and operated by Stacy Collins.


Offering musical services for everyone:

  • Private piano and voice lessons - weekly instruction, all skill levels welcome

  • Repertoire coaching - practice sessions for audition & performance material

  • Music Recording - custom practice, instrumental and vocal tracks, made to your specifications

  • Live accompaniment - piano accompaniment for auditions, festivals, exams, performances, and more

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