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Music Recording

Custom Tracks Made to Your Specifications!

We make personalized tracks to enhance your practice and performance. We've made tracks to suit many different needs: practice tracks for learning new parts, accompaniment tracks and self-tapes for auditions, instrumental tracks for dance performance (with percussion set to match the movement), custom arrangements and recordings of songs for weddings and more. Whatever you require, we can make it happen!

Stacy collaborates with you on your request so you get a track that's made to your exact specifications — key, tempo, arrangement, and any other requests you may have.

Get What You Want!

Tracks made custom for you, whether you need...

  • Practice tracks - multiple versions of each track included (accompaniment only, accompaniment with your part reinforced, and your part by itself)

  • Accompaniment tracks - can be used in auditions or performance when live accompaniment isn't available

  • Instrumental tracks - music to underscore your show

  • Vocals - we've done several arrangements for weddings and shows, comfortable working in many styles


We'll make sure your track is in the correct key and tempo for you. We can make changes to the arrangement, and can accommodate any cuts or additions! We can make the same track in multiple keys or tempos if needed!

You can request a quote below. Once a request is received we may need to follow up to get more information about the project to ensure your quote is accurate!

Request a Quote

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch with a quote ASAP!

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